Live Writer Insert Symbol Plugin

Live Writer Insert Symbol Plugin 1.0

This plugin allows you to add various typographic symbols within your blog post
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Brian Vallelunga

If you use Windows Live Writer as your offline blogging client then as a blogger you might be facing an issue of inserting advanced typographic symbols within your blog posts because currently Windows Live Writer does not have a method of easy inserting of these symbols. To resolve this issue Brian Vallelunga created a nifty little plugin, using the plugin architecture of Windows Live Writer, that allows you to add various typographic symbols within your blog posts with just a click of the mouse. You can add a number of symbols such as em-dashes, en-dashes, inverted exclamation and question mark, non - breaking space and various currency signs such as Euro, Yen etc. Just select your symbol and insert it in your blog post. It is as simple as that. As these symbols are not available on a regular keyboard, this plugin is a big advantage for bloggers who often work with these type of symbols. This plugin works with all the latest versions of Windows Live Writer. The only prerequisite is .NET framework 2.0.

Vineet Sharma
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  • The is no such option as adding custom symbols
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